Residence life

Close to University of Waterloo campus

Resurrection College is a privately owned and operated residence conveniently situated right across the street from the campus of the University of Waterloo. It is just a five minute walk to the Student Life Centre from our college, so you don't need to take a bus or use your car to get to school.

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A great place to study

Resurrection College offers a variety of fun residence activities but at the same time provides the quiet space that you need to accomplish your academic goals. Because you don't have to share a bedroom with a roommate, you always have a private space to study. There are also quiet communal study rooms in which to work. We are a 'quiet' residence, so you don't have to worry about loud parties or noisy roommates interrupting your studies or sleep.

Welcoming community

Because of our small size, residents quickly develop a strong sense of community at Resurrection College. It is home-like and residents are able to get to know one another quickly. It doesn't take long to form life-long friendships.

Special meals are prepared at holiday times throughout the year; our theme nights (Chinese, Mexican, Italian, etc.) are also popular.

Regular social events such as movie nights, games nights, ping pong tournaments, pizza and smoothie nights, pumpkin carving as well as field trips to local attractions are all part of life at Resurrection College.

Residence dons are available to help you, to support you and to organize social activities.

A visit and a tour will quickly show you the many advantages of living with us.